When Joss Whedon took the stage at San Diego Comic Con he announced a shocking revelation regarding Avengers 2.  One of the worlds most powerful nerds (and gingers for that matter) said the words “Age of Ultron“. The films logo and tagline promptly flashed on the screen, signaling the films big-bad would be Ultron, the evil robot with a messiah complex. Not Thanos, the purple chinned galactic overlord,  whom fans had first suspected via his appearance at the end of the first film. Quite the surprise indeed. My first thought was shit… I sure hope this doesn’t turn out to be Superman III (the one with Richard Pryor and the she bitch robot) all over again.

So, who is Ultron? Of course you comic geeks know him well, but what about the rest of you? Is he a sentient toaster, a computer lab experiment gone wrong (don’t copy that floppy!) or just a modern day Tin man looking for a heart? All you really need to know is that he’s the archenemy of The Avengers, an over-powered d-bag. Want to know more? Well let’s talk a walk into spoiler county shall we?

IGN has put together a good video giving newcomers a crash course on the character, also giving some insight in how Ultron may be featured in the upcoming Avengers sequel. Check it out below:

At least 40 percent of this is wrong for comics continuity. It seems to be drawn from the cartoons. But, whatever, it’s enough to school the most ignorant to Marvel’s bad-guy alum.

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