It’s a bit unfair to judge something fully after experiencing it partially. So keep in mind that I have an open mind about GTA going forward and that I’m simply relaying to you my initial thoughts. So far, I’ve played Grand Theft Auto V for about 25 hours over the last few days (for work!) and I’ve only completed 4% of the missions.

I’ve only just met Michael, mid-midlife crisis. I just stole a boat for him and met his wannabe gangsta of a son. We’ve only just begun, and yet I don’t really care.

Franklin is a begrudging hooligan. I’ve spent most of my time playing as him. He has a dog that gets easily distracted during the thrill of the hunt by the thrill of the hump (worst POV porn E-V-E-R). I have given Franklin a full beard and a lo fro… just because.

I rather enjoy that we can switch back and forth between each main character’s lives, but I do it out of boredom more than anything else. Will that change as I play more missions? Perhaps, and I am going to keep playing this, but so far, the missions have failed to grab my attention.The best part of this game is the make your own adventure feel of a truly enormous open world. Do you want to sail the ocean just to see if it ever ends? Go nuts. Use the cheat codes to fly/fall through the sky, to run fast, or to cause explosions with your melee attacks? Feel free.


You can just drive and drive and drive, or go to the strip club to experience a topless lapdance (but only one for novelties sake, because after that = sad).

You can do almost anything in this game, but really, I imagine that this is what it would be like to be Superman, but only Superman is a dick and nothing that he does matters.

That’s not to say that this isn’t fun. It most certainly is. I’m having a ball driving around and exploring the world, but eventually, this will all get old.

I’d feel better about this game’s replay potential and the chorus of hype that accompanied it if the interiors of this world weren’t so closed off — the exploration and the detail are amazing, but I feel like I’m driving around at 4AM and everything is closed.

At the end of the day, this is a popcorn movie with a bunch of thrills and explosions, but there isn’t a lot of nuance, and from an evolutionary standpoint, it really doesn’t do much to build on its predecessors, though again, it’s extremely unfair to sum up this deep of a game this early in its existence.

A new massive map, some new cars, some new toys, and some new tricks. Right now, that’s what you get for $60. Not a bad deal, but it’s not a great one, either.

Stay tuned to NerdBastards for continuing coverage on Grand Theft Auto V, including a review on GTA V: Online, where we’ll look at what that enhancement does for this game and this series. 

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