‘Atlantis’ Releases First Clip

So far, what we’ve seen of the BBC One show, Atlantis, has focused on the mythical legends of the ancient Lost City, but the clip released today sort of gives us a bit of a different take on the show.

Jason, who’s apparently a parallel to the legendary character of the same name, starts the story searching for his father, who he claims lead him to begin this journey in the first place. While we see that he does find his way to Atlantis, we don’t yet know for sure just how he gets to the point that we’ve seen in the previously released teaser.

It seems that, while the teaser is focusing on Jason’s journey in the city of Atlantis in a time when it was still… you know… in existence, and with this new clip showing Jason searching for Atlantis in modern times, one can assume that some sort of time warp, portal or other magic is responsible for the journey back to the city under the sea, and to a time before the city disappeared.

For those whose interest has been piqued, the show will be airing in the UK on September 28, in Canada on October 12, and in the US on November 23.

[Bleeding Cool]

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