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ABOVE: Wonder Woman body paint by Jennifer Nicole Lee. But Wonder Woman isn’t blonde,  nor isn’t an impressive example of body paint, but what’s underneath sure is nice.   [CBM]


Instructables member miketherdaintx built a 74-Z speeder bike using a Power Wheels toy car. If you attempt to replicate, please be aware Power Wheels do not support the weight of an average adult, let alone nerds shaped like a Gamorrean guard. [Neatorama]


This is the Super Mario Bros. themed bedroom that 38-year old father Dustin Carpenter created for his 13-year old daughter AJ., who actually asked for it. If my kid said that  I’d say good idea and make the room for myself. [Geekologie]


Tattooed Assassins Creed Cosplay. Leaping from building-to-building (giving up-skirt views to one happy dude after another another) she is the terror that stalks in plain sight.  [FashionablyGeek]

Epic short movie telling the untold tale of Benjen Stark, Lord Eddard Stark’s younger brother and sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. Tremendous short film. For a fan made shorty – this exceeds nearly all expectations. Someone needs to show this video to the Game of Thrones producers and get this guy hired.   [GAS]

Father parents using Bales Batman voice. Batdad is the father of the year you deserve.   [ObviousWinner]

Sailor Moon vs Wonder Woman Woman dance off Vogue Femme Final Battle at the 2013 Streetstar dance festival.  Man, why couldn’t Dancing With the Stars be like this? I’d still never watch it, but I’d think about it. [TheMarySue]

Somebody decided to animate a Koopa/TMNT mash-up. This is a game that should happen.  [ToplessRobot]

Conan O’brien reviews GTA V. Nothing with stand between Conan and a virtual strip club.  [Dorkly]

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