With the next-gen consoles we’ve been hearing so much about coming out so soon, it’s time to take a closer look at the Playstation 4 vs. the Xbox One. However, every time the two new gaming consoles are compared, people seem to come to the same conclusion: it’s a toss-up! The fact is, these devices have nearly identical specs and capabilities, and in terms of sales, they’ll probably break even according to loyalty. As in, those who are familiar with Xbox 360 will purchase Xbox One, and those who prefer PS3 will opt for the PS4. But here’s a quick overview of the specs and features. These are deets that are out there and most gamers have become familiar with. We felt, however, another run down couldn’t hurt. Ought to be helpful to those casual gamers who haven’t followed along with the rest of us. Especially with the holiday season upon us, you gotta start weighing in on what might be the better buy.



This is perhaps the main area in which Xbox One and PS4 are similar, as they are actually using identical core processors, and AMD chips. The AMD CPU will specifically play a role in upgrading the graphics for both consoles, which will bring significant improvements over previous consoles – but again, between the Xbox One and PS4, there will hardly be any difference in graphical capability.


Both units will come equipped with a 500 GB hard drive, with the only difference being that the PS4’s will be removable, while the Xbox One’s will not.



On their sides, these consoles actually look fairly similar. However, the PS4 is meant to be stood up vertically, much like the PS2, and also features a vertically divided design for some visual sleekness. The Xbox One is essentially a bulky rectangular box to be laid on its side.



The Xbox One controller is nearly identical in appearance and function to the 360 controller, but it was the favorite to begin with. Sony is using a DualShock 4 controller, with a slightly modified design that is easier to use and vastly favorable to the DualShock 3 used in the PS3.

Motion Gaming

The PS4 will be compatible with PlayStation Eye, an advanced motion control system that will be sold separately. Xbox One, on the other hand, comes equipped with the new Kinect 2.0, which can handle up to 2GB of data per second, making it able to handle motion more thoroughly than ever before. Both will be advanced, but Microsoft may have a slight edge in this department.


The Xbox One is the more expensive of the two consoles, at $499.99 in the U.S (£429 UK)., as compared to the PS4’s $399.99 (£349 UK). Again, however, with largely similar specs, the loyalty factor will likely be enough for the majority of Xbox 360 users to opt for the Xbox One and pay the extra $100.

Clearly, the majority if the specs and features that will define these two consoles are very similar, or at least comparable. For that reason, some are looking to the gaming titles that will come with each device to help determine a “winner” in the PS4 vs. Xbox One debate. So here’s a look at some of the upcoming exclusive titles for each console.

Xbox One Exclusives

    • Titanfall – This shooter is seen as a twist on Call Of Duty, with players able to control both humans and mechs. While shooters are flooding the markets these days, and some might be less than enthusiastic at the prospect of a new franchise, the mech play in Titanfall could be a game changer.
    • Quantum Break – From Remedy, this game is shrouded in mystery, but the hype is significant. We know it’s live action, that its graphics are incredible, and that it will have an accompanying TV series.
    • Ryse – A new adventure series taking players to a fictionalized ancient Rome. Players will control a rising Roman general battling through conflict-heavy times, seeking not only personal advancement but vengeance for the death of his family.

PS4 Exclusives

    • Killzone: Shadowfall – Perhaps the signature exclusive shooter for PS4, it’s more vibrant and attractive than predecessors, with typical modern shooter gameplay. The fact is, however, this typical brand of shooter gaming has been beloved for years now, and the improved visuals may just show off the new console’s graphic capabilities in a major way.
    • Drive Club – A unique racing game that focuses on community and street racing rather than tracks or courses. High stakes interactive gaming is huge these days – just take a look at Betfair Casino, a dynamic online casino that allows players to compete in arcade games, poker and blackjack, roulette, etc. all in a social environment. Drive Club will take advantage of the social gaming trend that’s boomed in the last few years by allowing users to build up challenging street race careers.
    • The Order: 1886 – A historical fiction adventure 3rd person shooter pitting players against supernatural enemies in Victorian London. This one resembles Assassin’s Creed a bit in both style and substance, but its use of industrial revolution age weaponry against alien foes should be quite unique.

Of course, these are just a few of the initial exclusive offerings. However, based on these much-hyped early releases, we have to give the edge to PS4. Drive Club and “Order” both seem like entirely original projects, whereas Xbox One’s exclusives look more like rehashed games from the past console. In the overall debate between the two consoles, however, it really is a very close conversation. The expectation, again, is for loyalty to win out among consumers.

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