Ok… ‘Points to’ is strong phrasing… How about gently nudges in the general direction that may or may not contain a certain Amazonian princess.

Apparently Brendon Connelly over at Bleeding Cool has caught wind of a recent casting call for the upcoming (and still untitled) Man of Steel sequel/Batman vs Superman movie. The admittedly vague article says that Warner Bros. is looking for a female between 25 and 33 that is ‘physically strong.’ Apparently this has led some agencies to assume that they are sending actresses to audition for the role as Wonder Woman.

Let’s compare this to a rather similar rumor we heard a few weeks back when El Mayimbe over at Latino Review threw out a similar rumored casting call calling for ladies in their late 20’s that are tall and ‘possesses physicality‘ (whatever the hell that means).

Admittedly, if they are looking for a tall physically inclined female lead I can see why thoughts turn to it being Princess Diana of Themyscira, who else could they be thinking of introducing? That is a vague description of everyone’s favorite lasso wielding Amazonian ass-kicker after all. I guess my real question is why the hell would they introduce the third in DC’s big trinity as a side character in this already rather large sounding movie?

She deserves more than that.

Not to ring the old ‘Why the hell doesn’t Wonder Woman have her own movie’ bell again but… WHY THE HELL DOESN’T WONDER WOMAN HAVE HER OWN DAMN MOVIE YET. Seriously DC/Warner it really is a easy layup at this point. Diana is the last of the universally well known heroes to not make it to the big screen. You would actually have to work very hard to screw it up. If, and I say a big IF, this actually does mean you’re looking for a big screen Wonder Woman please follow these simple rules:

Do NOT make this a post credit scene that leads into a Justice League movie. I am cool with it being a post credit scene or something similar, but give Wonder Woman her own damn movie before you go all JL’n all over us.

Just keep Wonder Woman as Wonder Woman, don’t fear the damn character and over think things. She’s wonderful just the way she is. Yes, I know she seems a little daunting on the onset but don’t worry, she’s been a rather popular for the last 70+ years as a strong Amazonian ass-kicking woman of power. We like her that way. Don’t feel you need to add in her love of ‘shopping’ and and a dash of Sex In The City because you think the public will need that to relate to her as a ‘modern woman.’ That leads me to my next point.

IF YOU MAKE THIS ANYTHING LIKE THAT DAVID E. KELLEY/ADRIANNE PALICKI DEBACLE I WILL COME AT YOU WITH ALL I’VE GOT. I am serious. I will find you. The only redeeming quality that TV pilot had was a great example about how you can screw up Wonder Woman.

Granted, this all might be a moot point (or collection of moot points, if you are technical) since we really have nothing to base this on being Wonder Woman past the words ‘tall’ and ‘strong.’ For all we know that could mean the big villain in the movie could actually end up being Maxima, in which case… follow the same rules and add “don’t use Maxima, since only me and 8 other people remember who she is.”


Sources: Bleeding Cool, Latino Review

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