So, if you’re pre-ordering Batman: Arkham Origins, and you’ve got it reserved for the PS3, you’re in for a treat. It’s been announced since day one that Deathstroke would be playable in the challenge maps, but we finally have a trailer featuring the assassin in action. As Sony announced during its E3 conference, even though Arkham Origins isn’t a PS3 exclusive they are treating it as one with the Knightfall pack. In said pack, you’ll find a load of exclusive maps and two exclusive skins, one based on the classic TV show version of Adam West‘s Batman and the other on Azrael‘s Knightfall costume.

As if you needed more reason to get this game, check out the trailers below to see what’s in store for Arkham Origins.

What, you’re still here? Go get your pre-order in, now! You don’t want to miss the chance of getting your hands on this content once Batman: Arkham Origins hits shelves on October 25th.


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