That’s right, on the eve of the premiere of Joss Whedon and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Psst, read our review of the pilot here!), FOX and DC have announced a commitment for a series called Gotham, about Gotham City’s Chief constable, Commissioner Gordon. Produced by Warner Bros. with Bruno Heller (The Mentalist) at the helm, the series delves into that murky world of law enforcement in Batman’s home town, Gotham City, exploring the origin story of Gordon and the villains who’ve made Gotham such a crazy place to live.

The series is said to start with Gordon as a simple detective trying to stay clean in a city of corruption, well before Batman ever makes his entrance. In fact, word is that Batman won’t make any appearances in the series. I would expect them to hold that until the last episode, perhaps the last scene of that final episode, that would be a great way to end the series.

Since FOX has nabbed the series, it will stand alone from the other DC Comics television series currently airing . It’s too bad there won’t be any crossover from CW’s Arrow or the upcoming Flash series. I guess DC needed their own “X-Men-Spiderman/Iron Man-Avengers” can’t crossover studio rights issues for fans to haggle over.

So we’re not getting Gotham Central like we all hoped earlier, but I imagine that many of those elements will make their way into this series. As long as the detectives don’t break into musical numbers, I expect we’ll get some police procedural drama with interesting criminals thrown in.

There is nothing to stop the show from exploring how those fantastic super villains came into existence, even those that historically came AFTER Batman started fighting crime in Gotham. How could they not take a look at the Joker before he donned the makeup, perhaps we’ll find out how he got those scars?

Wait, I just had a thought, what’s to stop the series from taking a hard look at Thomas and Martha Wayne and their actions to save Gotham before that fateful night in the ally?

What do you think about this announcement? Can this work without Batman making his appearance?

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