liara cosplay

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ABOVE: There really are no words to describe how beautiful this cosplay is of Mass Effect’s Liara. Sure it helps that the cosplayer herself is clearly stunning, but the makeup is quite amazing. [Dorkly]

grrm breaking bad

We really need a spinoff with the Cook in the North and “the most dangerous baby in the seven kingdoms!” [The Joy of Tech]

how to draw walter white

Speaking of Breaking Bad, if you’re really really depressed about the impending end of the show, Dan Berry shows you how to always have Heisenberg with you! On Twitter, Berry gave everyone step by step instructions on how to draw everyone’s favorite chemistry teacher. Looks just like him! [BoingBoing via This Isn’t Happiness]

Picard Quilt

It took 4500 squares and 4 months to make this epic quilt of Captain Picard. The quilt was a wedding present for nerdy friends of the quilter at Candy Coated Quilts. I love Picard and all…. but I don’t know if I’d want his gigantic face involved in my honeymoon. [Neatorama]

Sherlock E-cards

Okay, so I’m pretty much over this whole ecard thing that was popularized by someecards. It’s been done to death and most of them aren’t even funny anymore, but these Sherlock inspired cards had me do a double take and rethink how I feel about ecards. Alice X. Zhang created a whole slew of them that you can find on her Tumblr. [Bonnie Grrl]

Pris blade runner cosplay

I am a huge Blade Runner fan so I went ballistic when I saw this Pris cosplay. Crystal Graziano looks incredible. To see more photos of Crystal taken by Big White Bazooka, check out Fashionably Geek.

ood cufflinks

This cufflinks are the perfect accessory for every Whovian who likes to dress a little Ood….. god, I’m sorry, I know that’s a terrible joke, but I couldn’t resist! I tend to ignore nerdy cufflinks because most of them are uninspired but these Ood cufflinks will definitely get people talking. They’ll also probably gross out non-Whovians, which is perfectly fine, because why would you want to associate with someone who wasn’t a Whovian?


Dressing like Harley Quinn everyday isn’t difficult if you’ve got this bustier from Hot Topic in your closet! I know what you’re thinking “I can’t dress like this every day! I have  job!” I’m going to lay down some serious fashion advice in this Nerdy Bits column: wear this under a boring black blazer. No one will know that you’re a sexy nerd on the inside. Then when you leave the office BAM! Head straight to Arkham Asylum.  [Fashionably Geek]

steampunk nintendo coffee table

The lads at Bohemian Workbench made this incredible steampunk Nintendo controller coffee table that I desperately need in my living room. It’s made from a variety of reclaimed parts including clock pieces, a Katanga cross and AR-15 magazines. If steampunk isn’t your thing, head over to their shop where they have a lot of other Nintendo controller tables for sale.

This video that replaces Darth Vader’s dialogue with that of young Anakin’s makes the existence of the prequels tolerable….. for about 8 minutes and then once the video’s over I go back to cursing their existence. [Geekologie]

Science is awesome! Magnets are awesome! Relativity is awesome! You should also watch this video because it includes a hypothetical cat. [Geeks Are Sexy]

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)

burtons minions

jack boo

obey cthulhu

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