Orci Says ‘Star Trek’ Should Trek Back to TV and Why


The back-to-back successes of Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness has long caused fans to ponder if and when the sci-fi franchise might return to television. It’s a question that hasn’t really been addressed by anyone involved in the movies in an official creative capacity, but the topic was recently broached with someone who might be in a position to talk about the matter with authority.

In a recent Mission Log podcast on Trek Movie, screenwriter Roberto Orci went on the record to say that there will be a day when Star Trek returns to TV, and, in at least one respect, maybe that’s for the best. What does he mean? Read on below:

“When I saw Star Wars I remember thinking, ‘yeah Star Wars is amazing, but I can’t watch it at home. I can watch Star Trek at home. I remember thinking [about Trek], ‘wow, this is a whole universe,’ where as Star Wars seemed like a one-off.”

“I do think Star Trek is wonderful for TV. I think it should be both [TV and movies]. I saw a Next Generation movie, I won’t say which, but I thought ‘Ahh, it’s slightly succumb to the trappings of movie making. A lot of action and not enough philosophy.’ It’s interesting to read that criticism of some of the stuff we’ve done in the last two [films]. TV affords you [philosophy]. But, I do think that audiences are sophisticated enough that Star Trek can be Star Trek in both mediums now.”

“Star Trek ain’t going anywhere. It’s going to outlive all of us. And it’s going to be translated into every kind of delivery system you can imagine. It’s not going away from TV either. It just depends on when it comes back and how it’s programmed against the movies.”

I think Orci hit on something important there, the philosophy, the exploration, the social conscience, all that comes easier for Trek on a week-to-week basis versus a movie because when the movies do try to get more thematic we end up with The Motion Picture, or The Final Frontier, or Insurrection. I’d put good money on the notion that we’ll probably see a new Star Trek TV series sometime around 2016, in time for the 50th birthday of Trek.

What do you say Bastards, want to see Star Trek the next, next generation on TV screens? Sound off below.

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