British actor and nerd luminary Martin Freeman, known best for his work in The Hobbit, Sherlock, The World’s End, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, has been cast as Lester Nygaard in the upcoming tv miniseries based on the Coen Brothers’ 1996 film classic Fargo.

The role is apparently analogous to William H. Macy’s character: Jerry Lundegaard–the pathetic, amoral car salesman who hired kidnappers to abduct his wife in order to pay off his debts with the ransom money paid by his wealthy father-in-law (if you remember…..great movie).

The 10 episode series will be produced by Joel and Ethan Coen and, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will

“follow an all-new ‘true crime’ story with a new case and characters all seeped in the humor, murder and ‘Minnesota nice’ of the original.”

This new adaptation of Fargo is due to air in the Spring of 2014 on FX.


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