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ABOVE: For the tanned Jersey guidos who’s doucheness levels are over 9000, here’s Dragon Ball Z hair wax. [Kotaku]


Batman and Superman caped footie pajamas, because it’s the P.J.’s you deserve and heck, they’re the P.J.’s you need right now. I’d rub my feets on the floor and repeatedly shock people with finger pokes. I’d laugh and say “I’m Batman”, then shock then again. [FashionablyGeek]


Nicole Marine Jean as le sexy Shao Kahn. She will Finish You, and you won’t even be mad about it. You’ll probably ask her to do it again. [CBM]


Kitty Pryde costume tee. Cut a whole down the neck (makeshift v-neck) and Lockeheed be checking out your cleavage. Creeper dragon, with a creeper smirk. [ThinkGeek]


Every year, guests flock to the Castle Theater to watch an installment of the long running show Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. Seen as a running tradition for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, Bill and Ted is a combination of dance and skin with an abundance of popular culture mixed in for safe measure. So after last year’s wildly successful show, how does Bill & Ted 2013 fare? [Page2]


Game Boy hard-shell carry on luggage. It can hold clothes, gaming gear or your make believe girlfriend once she is suitably deflated. [Geekologie]

Andrea, like many sane people, is a huge fan of Harry Potter. Knowing this, her boyfriend Jaysin planned an elaborate proposal inspired by the magical world. He took five months to plot an elaborate scavenger hunt with letters and clues like the Hogwarts acceptance letter that would send Andrea after puzzles, trivias, and riddles. Watch how it all plays out, it will get you right in the feels. [NerdApproved]

Hey Mario song, because the world needs more Mario. [GAS]

Honest Trailer takes on television’s golden child, Breaking Bad. I love Breaking Bad and still cracked up watching this. [Screen Junkies]

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)




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