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EDITORS NOTE: In partnership with Youtube personality Kelly Carlton (aka F’N Pryde), we bring you another weekly installment of badass, foul mouthed comic book reviews. So without further ado here’s F’N Pryde with her weekly comic book rundown. It’s  ”Pryde’s Picks!

I don’t know if you can feel it but down here in Swelterville, Florida, I’m noticing the weather is a little less miserable. Fall is coming and with that all my favorite shows are back on TV! Lucky for you guys I was able to squeeze in a hefty load of comics between season premieres and eating my feelings.

I have to say Marvel is dancing a thin line with me as of late. I am loving/hating Battle of the Atom with every other book. Luckily, their god awful A+X is so trashy it’s almost a guilty piss-on-it pleasure. DC‘s villains month can’t end soon enough but they did deliver a pretty solid book with Secret Society #1. Unfortunately for the big boys, Image Comics has won my pull this week. Image delivered some trashy reads and surprisingly warm fuzzies. If you want sex that’ll blow your mind and stop time, foul mouthed little girls killing orcs and The Lion King with a super hero twist… This is your week!

(Oh and sorry I frakked up on my Lion King metaphor. Simba’s mom is Sarabi not Nala. I’m such a jackwagon.)

As always, if you’re easily offended tread carefully. Pryde’s Picks is full of boisterous inappropriate humor and way too much geek rage.

This week features: Guardians of the Galaxy #6 Wolverine & the X-Men #36 (Battle of the Atom: Chapter 5) A+X #12 Joker’s Daughter #1 Sinestro #1 Secret Society #1 Saga #14 Revival #14 Jupiter’s Legacy #3 Rat Queens #1 Sex Criminals #1

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