*Spoiler Alert*

This is an open discussion of the finale episode of AMC’s Breaking Bad and there will be spoilers in the post and comments section. If you don’t want to know, get out now.

It’s over, the last episode of Breaking Bad has aired and those of us that have had a chance to watch it, know it all. Or do we? One of the things I have always loved about Breaking Bad was reading what others had to say about the latest episode, things I missed, or just didn’t see the significance of at the time. So I am looking forward to seeing what comments everyone has about the series.

I guess I’ll start it off with a few things that I really enjoyed about the series and the finale in particular.

1. Jesse does Todd. It was so satisfying to see Jesse exorcise some of his personal demons and get some payback for everything Todd has done to him and those he loves.

2. The red pointers in the shadows turn out to be Badger and Skinny Pete. I love those two guys. They’ve brought some of the funniest scenes to the show and I love that they got one more scene before it all ended.

3. Lydia proves that no one should be so predictable when your dealing with a criminal genius. I wonder if there will be any changes in sales of Stevia after this?

Now we want to know about your views on the series and finale.

Where there any loose ends that weren’t tied up?

Are you OK with Jesse not shooting Walt at the end?

Where you satisfied with how the series ended?

Let it all out in the comments section below!


I found the parody ad below on the Internet today and thought my fellow fans of Breaking Bad should see it. Brendan Tobin is the creative genius behind this little gem.


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