Last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad was excellent, and people seemed to have really responded to it. In what was the most anticipated episode of series television since the series finale of Lost, Breaking Bad not only secured 10.3 million viewers, but it was a critical success and a rave with fans of the show was well. As we all know, the reception to the finale of Lost was somewhat less than congenial. Oh forget it, people hated the crap out of it. But still, three years on you’d figure that fans might have gotten over it. And you’d be wrong.

As Breaking Bad drew to a close, fans of the show took to Twitter to voice their satisfaction with the finale – by mocking Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof and his lack off finale writing finesse. In fact, Lindelof was getting so much Twitter traffic, he decided to re-tweet some of the sass of he was getting.

Responses ranged from sympathetic:

To the mildly critical:

To the vocally critical:

To the snarky:

To the mocking:

And eventually, to the defensive:

You can read all the retweets on Lindelof’s Twitter page, but I think you have to appreciate that he’s taken all the criticism with gentle good humor. And no matter how you feel about Lost and its finale, it takes a man of actual character to stand up to that kind of internet pummeling without going off on those same fans. So maybe now we’ve got that out of our system we can leave Lindelof alone. Sure, Lost’s finale wasn’t everything it should have been, but almost four years later we can give ourselves permission to get over it.

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