I despise living in a world where the plot to Twilight is taken seriously by millions, but no one wants to make a serious movie about Wonder Woman. Which ever side of the Wonder Woman fence you find yourself, perhaps you think WW often severely lacks character and depth, has a bizarre and fundamentally flawed origin (she was made from clay or something), works with a silly selection of weaponry (bullet-stopping bracers and a lasso that makes men tell the truth), or think that her costume choice borders on the inappropriate, and is only that way to appeal to hormone engorged young boys, or men that haven’t grown out of that phase. To many others she is a pop culture icon worth celebrating.

At her core, Wonder Woman is a symbol of female strength, independence, and heroism. She is the original bad-ass super heroine. She was Xena, before Xena was cool!  She’s tough, honorable, and has a rich mythology that remains unexplored for most television and movie viewers. Oh yeah, and she’s incredibly graceful and wonderful to watch. Throw in that she’s associated with some of DC’s heaviest hitters, Batman, Superman, and The Green Lantern and you’ve got the core group that makes up the original Justice League.

Is it really that hard to give this Woman (With a Capital W) a decent movie or television show? I mean, come on! There’s no such thing as bad characters (that is not a challenge), just bad writers and bad filmmakers. Wonder Woman CAN work – you just need talented people at the helm. Frak it! It is a challenge, get some shit done! Clearly, no one at Warner Bros. has rubbed two sticks together to make any fire under this project.

How many more awesome fan-made shorts like this 3o0 style Wonder Woman fan film starring Rileah Vanderbilt, which demonstrates how the character can be incredibly cinematic, have to be made, before someone over at Warner Bros. gets it?

This is really as good as a Wonder Woman can fight scene get.  Don’t tell me she’s too silly of a character concept that she’s not cut out for live action. For gods sake, Marvel is making a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy) where one of the main characters is a gun-toting raccoon that talks with a British accent. Nobody even batted an eye at that.

It’s well past time for the original female comic book character to take center stage.

My two cents, start by hiring Gail Simone to arc the story line and help write the script. There are a number of directors that could handle the seat, take your pick, but make sure they can handle a mix and aren’t just the latest “blow shit up director” of the week and for the Lord’s of Kobal’s sake, keep David Kelly the hell away from the chair. Cast the actress that plays Wonder Woman for size as well as acting ability. I know that sounds bad, but Wonder Woman should be tall. She should tower over most people stature wise and have a warriors build, not muscled out, but clearly toned.

What do you think? Is it that hard to do?

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