Remember Who Framed Roger Rabbit? It was a landmark film directed by Robert Zemeckis, seamlessly combining live-action and animation and was awarded four Oscars, including one for special achievement, for its efforts. Naturally, there’s always been talk of a sequel, but 25 years on there’s no sign of any follow-up coming to our multiplexes. However, that’s not to say that there’s not some kind of Roger Rabbit sequel in our future…

Cartoon Brew has announced that a new book by author Gary K. Wolf, the original creator of Roger Rabbit, is coming out on November 29. It’s the third book based on the “real world” adventures of the eponymous comic strip character (in the books he’s a comic strip character), and it’s called, Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? But don’t stand in line at your local bookstore to get it, this one’s an e-book. None of that old-fashioned paper for Roger Rabbit!

So what’s it about? Check out the plot synopsis below:

Hard-boiled gumshoe Eddie Valiant lands a plum job as Gary Cooper’s bodyguard while Coop scouts locations for his next movie—a screwball comedy titled Hi, Toon! But Eddie’s dream job quickly turns into a nightmare. The film’s being shot in Toontown, and Coop’s co-star turns out to be none other than Roger Rabbit. Eddie’s a big fan of Coop. Of Roger? Not so much.

A sinister hoodlum threatens to murder Coop if the movie gets made. Before long, Eddie, Coop, Roger, and the ever-glamorous Jessica Rabbit are embroiled in a mystery that could destroy Toontown. When Roger bites off more Toonish trouble than Eddie can swallow, the answer to the question Who Wacked Roger Rabbit? swiftly becomes no laughing matter.

Sounds like good e-reading. Want to see the cover? You got it.


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