Back at Comic Con, when all the stars of X-Men: Days of Future Past surprised the audience by taking the stage it finally began to sink in how BIG this movie was going to be. On that stage in Hall H stood basically every mutant ever! From Mystique to Rogue to Wolverine, and don’t forget the pairs of Magnetos and Xaviers! DOFP is going to be monstrous, and hopefully not a monstrous disaster as is a possibility with any X-Men movie boasting an incredibly large cast. (Looking at you, X3.)

Yet, DOFP has a few things working in its favor. For one, Bryan Singer is returning to the director’s chair for the first time since X2. Then there’s the amazing talent of the cast collected for DOFP. They aren’t simply shoehorning mutants in for the sake of more mutants, but are combining two teams of mutants, past and present. Teams that have both scored solidly at the box office and with fans.

To reiterate the points I’m making, here’s Charles Xavier (the younger, James McAvoy) in an interview with IGN,

There’s an army of brilliant actors in that film. Bryan Singer is back at the helm. Potentially it’s going to be the biggest, most epic X-Men they’ve ever had. I think it’s the second biggest production Fox have ever embarked upon, behind Avatar. So they’re definitely going for it.

The potential for this move is HUGE. My biggest fear is we’ll get another mess like X3. I know I keep harping on that movie, but guys, it was such a massive disappointment I’m not over it. Even after First Class reminded me X-Men movies didn’t have to be giant turds. Let’s just say my hopes are high, but I remain cautious.

Continuing his interview with IGN, McAvoy also spoke about working with Patrick Stewart, among others,

His last day was my first day and that was it. Then we were done. But we did crossover and we do get a scene together. Getting to work with Hugh [Jackman], who I christened Hugo Boss, was great….Getting to work with Michael [Fassbender] again was great. I spent a hell of a lot of time with Nick [Nicholas Hoult]. Weirdly the people that I spent the most time with acting-wise was not Michael this time, it was Hugh and Nick. And whilst I bemoaned the loss of my buddy Michael, it was more than made up for by the fact that Hugh and Nick are such amazing people.

Interesting to note we don’t see much of past and present Xaviers together. I wonder if this was for time paradox reasons, or because there’s only so much that can be achieved by having two Charles Xaviers around. I mean, that joke could go stale quite quickly. Though I’m sad since this likely means Fassbender and Ian McKellen probably only have one scene together as well.

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in theatres May 23, 2014. Are you Bastards looking forward to DOFP? Are your expectations high or low?

Source: IGN via Coming Soon


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