Machete Kills - Danny trejo and Michelle Rodriguez

With it’s release date looming (October 11), it’s nice to see the people behind Machete Kills aren’t going to mess around and leave anything to our collective imaginations. Oh sure, some movies rely on things like teasers and trailers and little featurettes to slowly build hype before hitting theatres, but not Robert Rodriguez et al. Nope, so far they have released so many clips from this Grindhouse inspired sequel that I am guessing only about five minutes remains unseen.

Why tease and titillate a film audience when you can let it all hang out like it’s last call at a Tijuana saloon and the donkey has already left…

Up after the jump we get treated to Charlie Sheen with the absolute best presidential campaign ad featuring a machine gun (sorry John McCain), Michelle Rodriguez sports an eye-patch and shows us how when one sense is lost another grows stronger, and finally, a wonderful re-enactment of grandmas old saying ‘don’t get distracted by cleavage and hairspray.’

Wait… His name is President Rathcock? Who the hell is his VP, Ballsy McRageweenie?

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