Watch this fucking thing… no, seriously: WATCH IT.

I guarantee you–unless you’re about to make a breakthrough in the search for a cancer vaccine–you are not doing anything so important you cannot take three minutes of your day to watch this wonderfulness.

Below is the opening for The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XXIV, via the boundless talent and imagination of the great Guillermo del Toro, best known for giving nerddom such modern classics as the Hellboy and Blade films, and this summer’s kaiju/mecha blockbuster Pacific Rim.

I want to tell you about the awesomeness Del Toro has brought into being here, but I cannot possibly do it justice in simple words.

I’ll just say that the Treehouse Of Horror specials have been pretty much the only thing to look forward to on The Simpsons for quite a few rather uninspiring seasons. Even with the yearly special’s reputation for excellence, this Sunday’s installment (kinda early, I know) is shaping up to be memorable, to say the least.

Hypnotoad, dude… Hypno-fucking-toad.

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