‘Logan’s Run’ Remake Looks to be Flushed

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Well, it’s not something that many people want to happen, but Hollywood, in its mad frenzy to recycle absolutely everything, was looking to put out a remake of the sci-fi classic, Logan’s Run.  But now it seems as if the whole thing is in the toilet.  Whether this is a change for the better or not, however, depends on your point of view.  This version would have been put together by the amazing director Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher, Drive), but he has now dropped out.

In an interview with Twitchfilm, Refn had this to say about the demise of the remake:

“It’s dead as dead can be. It’s a great shame but I realised a couple of things. I was so in love with the original that I think I was disillusioned by the fact that if I made a remake I would be closer to the original, I would be part of the original more than any other, and I realised that that was a lie. That was illusion. It wouldn’t be like that. And also if I was going to make a $100 or $200 million movie, and trade off my creative freedom for that price, it needed to be something that was going to outweigh that loss. Because at the same time I’m very lucky to be able to make the films I make, and to exchange that for a larger canvas really needs to feel like the right swap. Logan’s Run just wasn’t it at the end. But I was able to take one of my ideas and put them into Barbarella, like Dune, I stole a little bit from what didn’t happen and put it into something else. That way the trade-off wasn’t so significant. But I think that maybe those kind of things only work if you stumble and fall.”

Personally, I hate the idea of remaking Logan’s Run, but Refn is such a bad-ass that it might have been worth it to see what he put together.  And, unfortunately, the idea of a remake hasn’t died with the loss of the director.  It looks like Ken Levine (director of nothing worth mentioning) may be working somewhere in the background to do his own thing with it.  Whether that goes anywhere remains to be seen, since they’ve been trying this for a while now.

Sorry folks, but it looks like we missed our best chance at seeing a decent remake.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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