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ABOVE: Masters of the Universe Orko hoodie. Your friends already think you’re lovable but obnoxious, why not wear something to prove them right? The hood has his big blue ears sewn right in and a mesh face mask for his eyes that can be tucked back into the hood. The orange hat and purple scarf can be removed completely. You know, just in case you wanted to look less fabulous. [80stees.com]


Holy crap! This Custom Ultimate Iron Man by Riccardo Montico aka BlackLink2811 from Italy, cosplay is incredible! That is really raising the bar. [ObviousWinner]


How do you catch a wild female? Buy her a Pokemon trainer engagement ring, but don’t try to squeeze her into that little ball though, just keep telling yourself, “It’s just a game.” [Cheezburger]


If she says “Yes”, celebrate with a Pokemon inspired frozen cocktail, just think of all the pretty colors you’ll see later as you hug the porcelain and hurl rainbows. [Meow Purr Nom]


Callie can Cosplay. That is one seriously sexy straight-from-the-battlefield Wonder Woman. New 52 Wonder Woman cosplay [FashionablyGeeky]

In honor of both their profound love of Power Rangers and the show’s recent 20 year anniversary, the folks at the The Warp Zone have put together an acapella video. [The Warp Zone]

If Disney cartoons were historically accurate we’d all need therapists. [GAS]

Breaking Fans will help you go through your post-breaking bad depression. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy. [OnlyLeigh]

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy…TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)




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