Your favorite toys are returning for a new adventure, and you don’t even have to leave your (bad dream) house to enjoy it. ABC, Disney and Pixar are bringing the gang from Toy Story to TV in the special Toy Story of TERROR! and it looks like it promises the same mix of humor, charm and heartfelt emotion that made the three Toy Story movies very, and repeatedly, enjoyable.

The below clip comes from TV Guide and it offers a hint as to the special’s storyline and some of the toy characters who play a part in the spine-tingling tale. Not to spoil anything, but it involves a missing Potato-Head, some dinosaur drama, some mysterious goo, and some wise (not to mention meta) words of advise from Mr. Pricklepants.

But why take my word for it, let’s role the clip below:

Toy Story of Terror will air on ABC on October 16, and rerun on ABC Family on October 19.

Source: /Film

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