Acclaimed director of Fight Club and The Social Network, David Fincher‘s attempt at adapting Charles Burns‘ graphic novel Black Hole fell apart a few years back. According to The Hollywood Reporter, however, the project has been resurrected by Brad Pitt‘s Plan B production company.

Here’s what Fincher had to say about the film back during its first iteration:

It’s a really great script by Dante Harper, so the hope is that will win out… It’s so weird. It’s so great, because it would be great to see. It’s a very tough… there’s make-up FX and digital FX that are expensive and to do it right, you gotta do it just right, because it has to challenge your idea of the human body.

What exactly is Fincher talking about? Here’s a quick synopsis of Black Hole:

The setting is Seattle during the ’70s. A sexual disease, the ‘bug,’ is spreading among teenagers. Those who get it develop bizarre mutations – sometimes subtle. Story follows two teens, Keith & Chris as they get the bug. Their dreams and hallucinations – made of deeply disturbing symbolism merging sexuality and sickness – are a key part of the tale!

Sounds more like a Cronenberg film to me than anything Fincher would do, but my interest is definitely piqued.

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