Footage From ‘Godzilla’ Reboot is Here, Is Awesome


Oh thank you Legendary Pictures. Thank you.

A teaser trailer filled with footage from Gareth Edwards‘s new westernization of the Japanese kaiju classic, Godzilla, has stomped its way onto the internet.  To sum it up in a few words… It looks perfect. In fact it looks so good I’m not going to sully the the minute and half by evening mentioning or making comparison the previous attempt at making a North American version of the King of the Monsters.

In fact when this movie finally hits theaters May 16th 2014, I believe all memory of the previous one will be wiped clean from our collective memories and we can finally find joy in our hearts again because if this teaser is any indication, we are going to get exactly what we should. A monster mashing, building crashing, radioactive breath having cinematic slice of perfect.

Okay, I maybe a little excited for this, but you have to admit it looks damn good. Word is that we should see a trailer on the 3rd of November. For now? You can check out the teaser below. 

UPDATE: OK, the suits for WB are killing these videos quick. When one arrives that lasts more than five minutes, we’ll update you. So if the above video doesn’t play for you, then enjoy this gif of Godzilla expressing himself through the power of dance.


Also, props for the Oppenheimer voice over in this. Sets the mood (and the theme) perfectly. If you don’t know who J. Robert Oppenheimer I personally blame the  History Channel and its schedule filled with hillbillies fishing and going to pawn shops.

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