Recently, I called shenanigans on Warner Bros for their severe lack of developing a WW movie. Not since the Lynda Carter days of cheesy 70’s television has WB taken the character (screen wise) seriously. I wouldn’t say it’s for lack of interest. Years back,  Joss Whedon wrote a script for live-action treatment, which got scrapped. There was that young Justice League movie back in 2006 from director George Miller which got shelved before production. Then there was that Wonder Woman TV show developed by David E. Kelly starring Adrianne Palicki. The pilot never made it to air. Clearly, the powers at be at WB either have no clue with what their doing or don’t have faith in their developmental attempts to allow for big or small screen outing. The latter would make sense considering the pop culture status of the character. A piss poor attempt at launching WW into the main stream could ruin future cinematic runs at her and the subsequent revenue ops.

Is it really that hard to bring Wonder Woman onto the big or small screen? In my last write-up I pointed to a truly fantastic WW fan-film from Rainfall Films. From it’s pulse pounding score and 300-esqu cinematography & fight choreography, the short exemplified what a WW film could look like. If a few nerds can with camera, editing and graphics skill can whip-up a visual representation worthy of DC’s finest kick-ass babe, why can’t Warner Bros? I understand the character has some creative quirks (sexist outfit and laughable weapons) and weird origin (she’s made from clay or something), but so doesn’t every super hero? WW is tough, vigilant, honorable, wise, sensual and has that whole mythology angle for her.   She deserves her shot in the very testosterone-heavy super hero box office.

Well, wouldn’t you know, someone at Warner Bros. finally agrees…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Entertainment CEO  Kevin Tsujihara participated in a lunchtime keynote interview at the USC Gould School of Law and talked briefly about their DC Comics properties. He said that the lack of superhero movies at Warner Bros. other than the Superman and Batman franchises had been a “missed opportunity.” He added, however, that the studio has “huge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV.”

He specifically addressed Wonder Woman: “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

The timing of Tsujihara remarks are awfully coincidental, considering the spread in popularity of that WW short-film from Rainfall Films. But, whatever. I’m glad someone at WB is finally taking notice. Now, they just need to put someone in charge of this who will do the right thing someone who knows and loves the source material. Maybe dust off that shelved script from Joss Whedon? Get someone like Guillermo Del Toro to direct and get a kick-ass actress like Gina Carano to star. How about that?

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