It’s been over a decade since Freaks & Geeks ended, but some people just can’t get over that the show got canceled after only one season. Well, luckily for us, among them are the people over at Fine Bros Production, who have took it upon themselves to make an interactive, 8-bit version of the show. Hit the jump to check out give it a shot for yourself!

The interactive clip gives you the chance to make your way through the show in your own way, and see the consequences for yourself. Only the “freak” part of the equation is available now, but the “geeks” scenario is due in roughly a month.

If you were a fan of the show, this is something you’ll definitely want to check out, as it’s a finely crafted trip down memory lane. Unfortunately, choosing just about anything other than what happens in the show leads you to a game over, but those in and of themselves are fun and good for a laugh. Are you going to choose the Academic Summit, or the Grateful Dead tour?



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