Kingston Hints that River Song will Join New ‘Who’ Too


Love her, or hate her, River Song is a very big part of Steven Moffit‘s run on Doctor Who. But what will happen to the Doctor’s other wife when he regenerates from Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi at the end of this year’s Christmas special? Excellent question, I’m so glad you asked.

In a new BBC America video (via Doctor Who TV), River Song’s portrayer Alex Kingston teased fans by saying, “I look forward to sharing more of [River] with you in the future, but … spoilers!”

Indeed, there have been rumors that River will appear in the recently wrapped Christmas special, but they are only rumors. As to the future of Who and a series 8 appearance, it’s possible. Remember River’s line in “Silence in the Library” where she gets a good look at the Tenth Doctor and remarks about how young he looks? I think there was an inference there that she was counting by regenerations and not years of age, Ten is the youngest Doctor she encountered. There’s also the inference that she has had (will have) continued adventures with future Doctors and not just Eleven, so it would make sense that Twelve will cross paths with his once and future wife from time to time.

What do you think Bastards, interested in seeing River tag along on an adventure or two with the new Doctor?

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