Enterprising fans using the moniker NYSciFi & Fantasty, have started a petition to light up the Empire State Building in TARDIS Blue for the November 23rd, 50th Anniversary Celebration of Doctor Who.  What can you do to help? Click through the jump to find out!

The Empire State building has a long history of creative lighting designs and colors to mark special occasions,  and this one should be a no brainer for Doctor Who fans. The petition currently has over 31,000 electronic signatures and only needs a total of 3780 signatures for consideration, your participation could help push them over the top.

The petition says it best:

The Doctor has visited NYC many times over the years, most recently earlier this season. Now, Doctor Who fans from New York and around the world are working with NYSciFi & Fantasy to celebrate The Doctor’s 50th anniversary on one of New York City’s most famous landmarks: The Empire State Building.
We are asking the Empire State Building to light up “TARDIS Blue” on November 23rd to celebrate 50 great years of Doctor Who. The Empire State Building regularly uses their spectacular light show to celebrate special moments in pop culture, such as sports events, the 15th anniversary of The Lion King, and Wrestlemania, as well as all the holidays and occasions it’s more known for being lit up for. As far as we know, however, they’ve never lit up to celebrate a SciFi show. What better place to start than the iconic series Doctor Who?

So click that link and help get this petition over the hump. After all:

It’s not what your favorite British SciFi series can do for you, but what you can do for your favorite British SciFi series.

I bet JFK would have been a Doctor Who fan.

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