UPDATE! While the press conference in where the reveal of which episodes have been found, news of when they’ll release, and perhaps a screening has been postponed till Friday, the BBC has confirmed that is indeed what the mysterious Doctor Who press conference will be all about. With 106 episodes of Doctor Who currently missing you better believe the discovery of any of these lost episodes is wonderful news to Whovians’ ears.

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Happy Birthday, Doctor Who! As you know, this year is mighty big one for you. Already one the longest running science fiction programs ever, you’re about to celebrate your 50th year! That’s 50 years of robots, aliens, and robot aliens. Fifty years of screaming assistants, kidnapped companions, and countless utterances of, “I’m the Doctor,” “I’ll explain later,” and “RUN!”

To celebrate the milestone BBC is pulling out all the stops with plans for dozens of televised specials celebrating The Doctor;  from the highly anticipated anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, to the docu-drama capturing the earliest days of the program, An Adventure in Space and Time. Though, there’s one present no fan expected: the return of long lost, not seen since they originally aired, classic Doctor Who episodes.

I understand if you’re approaching this news suspiciously. The rumors of found Classic Who episodes isn’t anything new, but let me assure you, this ain’t no rumor. After an initial report in The Mirror again rehashed the same old reports we’ve been hearing – recently rediscovered and once thought lost episodes of Doctor Who, particular from the First and Second Doctors’ runs, had been returned to the BBC with the intention of release – the Radio Times have seen fit to confirm the story.

Now, The Mirror saying there are indeed rediscovered Who episodes on their way is one thing, but the Radio Times? That’s just a step to the right of full on confirmation. And while no representative of the Beeb has spoken on record to confirm the existence of said episodes there is a press conference schedule for today. I’m sure our invitation is simply lost in the mail, but had we received one this is what we’ d have seen (according, again, to The Mirror),

But the corporation’s commercial arm BBC Worldwide has now called a press conference and screening on Tuesday in a London hotel.

The invitation sent out had he event details written inside the screen of a old-fashioned sixties style television set, complete with a dial to tune in the channels, seeming to hint at the type of news to come.

Journalists will be told exactly which old footage has been recovered, with some of it then broadcast on screen to watch.

A BBC spokesperson added, “There will be big news this Tuesday regarding lost Doctor Who episodes.” And what’s bigger than announcing episodes once thought lost to time had indeed resurfaced?

We’ll update this story once the press conference concludes and we learn once and for all if there’s new-Classic Who coming our way. Until then, Whovians, how awesome is this!?

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