In only a little over six weeks a world (of Whovians, anyway) will be gathered in front of their televisions, (hopefully) enjoying the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. The BBC has already announced their intention to simulcast the program around the world, enabling hundreds of thousands of fans to all partake in the occasion at the same time. Which is such a lovely thought, really.

But while we continue to count down the days and hours until then, we’re still a little unsure of when the timer ends. As of now, there’s been no official word on an airtime for The Day of the Doctor.  Sure, it’ll premiere Saturday evening, but when!?

In what seems to have been an early schedule leak by BBC America, Doctor Who News picked up on the details of a 2:45pm EST broadcast time for the special in their November schedule. Those details have already been removed from the site, but they sure seem quite likely. This would put the U.K. premiere at 7:45pm local time, which again, sounds about right. Those of you waiting for word on the official airtime in order to begin planning your Doctor Who anniversary parties, you’re welcome.

Of course, even if these are the official times at the moment, any scheduling is always subject to change. Keep this in mind when party planning. Allow for scheduled events, like your Doctor Who costume contest or games like Toclafane Toss or Pin the Plunger on the Dalek, to be flexible.

The other expected anniversary program schedule stacks up like this,

  • An Adventure in Space and Time on Friday 22nd November at 9pm
  • Explaining Doctor Who a documentary preceding the above
  • Tales from the TARDIS at 9:00pm on 18th November
  • Day of the Doctor Pre-Show airing before a repeat of The Day of the Doctor at 7:15pm EST on the 23rd

The week preceding the premiere of The Day of the Doctor is expected to be chocked full of Who programming, too, so there’ll be no lack of The Doctor. What are your plans for the anniversary?

Source: Doctor Who TV

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