On last night’s Season 2 premiere of Arrow (Psst! Find our review here!) a familiar, leather-clad blonde appeared and took part in a major ass-kicking of some of street thugs. The series is clearly wanting us to believe this is Black Canary, or at least whatever the Arrow-verse equivalent will be, but her appearance could actually be hinting at much larger plans. A whole team of them, in fact.

By no means has the existence of Huntress (Jessica de Gouw) and now a proto-Black Canary in the Arrow-verse gone unnoticed by executive producer, Marc Guggenheim. In an interview he and Andrew Kreisberg gave to TV Guide, Guggenheim commented on how they’re only one bird shy of the Birds of Prey,

We have an idea for how to do our version of Birds of Prey. When you think about it, we have a lot of pieces. It’s a lot like the Suicide Squad. As we continue to populate our world with new characters and some returning people from last year, you start to go, “We’re really close to that!” We saw this awesome bit of production art for a new set that we realized plays into Birds of Prey completely. Our Art Department wasn’t even intending that! There’s certainly a momentum towards that, but everything has to happen in due time. With respect to Birds of Prey specifically, there’s an actress that we particularly need to make that piece work and we need to check on her availability.

Sounds like assembling the Birds of Prey, or an approximation of the team, is very much in the cards. Just maybe not right away. But considering how underwhelming the first attempt at a Birds of Prey TV series went, the odds are in Arrow‘s favor.

Though I’m wondering, that set piece he alludes to, could it the be The Clocktower? That was Oracle’s base of operations in the comics. And the actress they’re waiting to hear from, I bet that’s Jessica de Gouw as she’s now starring in NBC’s Dracula and I imagine has a much busier schedule than when she appeared on Arrow last season. What do you think?

And, if the Birds of Prey is a possibility, would they seek out new talent for a Barbara Gordon/Oracle or give it Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards)? Come on, give it to Felicity!

Source: TV Guide via Blastr

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