Michael Bay Plans on Delving Into the Horror Genre


Riding on the backs of our childhood memories, Michael Bay has made serious fkn butt-loads of cash molesting the Transformers franchise.  He will, in short order, be doing the same with our beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  But there was a time, not so long ago, when Bay put together original (if not quite amazing) movies.  Now, it seems as if he’ll be trying his hand at an actual new idea sometime in the future.  And this time, he’s looking to pee all over the horror genre.

While Bay’s production company has made more than its fair share of horror flicks, Bay himself has, gratefully, not been involved in a directorial capacity, though it’s unlikely that even his interference could have made Platinum Dunes’ “reboot the classics” line-up any worse.  But this may change, as Bay has expressed his interest in destroying… er, directing one himself.  In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he had these troubling words:

“I have a great fantasy that I will probably a make a reality – of directing my own self-financed horror movie.”

Well, MisterBay, I got news for ya.  You may be able to turn out rubbish with a big name and use explosions and FX to disguise crap scripts and campy dialogue, but there’s a different art to making a horror flick.  In other words – you will not be making the huge dollars you usually do with your meager talents.

Of course, maybe he doesn’t want the money after all?  Does MichaelBay actually want to produce something just to be creative?!  Balderdash, I say!


Thanks to CinemaBlend for the heads-up.

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