You can’t fault his enthusiasm. Comic creator Todd McFarlane is talking once more about the prospects of a new film based on his comic book Spawn in which he discuss how he wants the new film to feel, what other films he wants to evoke, and just what he thinks went wrong with the 1997 film starring Michael Jai White and John Leguizamo.

The interview was with Assignment X and McFarlane once again went into the details of what fans might expect from the finished film. For instance, he said that the film’s focus will be less on creating something superheroic and more on creating something supernatural; it will be smaller in scale, and emphasize atmosphere over special effects.

“It’s a ten-million-dollar, R-rated supernatural movie that takes all the superhero stuff out of it,” he said. “So for people who want to go see an Iron Man redo, that’s not it. For people who like The Conjuring, then it’s going to be right up that alley.”

Interesting comparison, simply explained. Let’s hope McFarlane doesn’t oversell it…

“This is just going to be The Departed and L.A. Confidential with a ghost moving around in it,” he added.

So he went there. Fine. Assignment X also asked if McFarlane about his thoughts about went wrong with the first Spawn movie, and while Spawn was a modest box office success, it was critically drubbed. McFarlane says though that it’s a matter of perspective, “given the inexperience that we had,” he explained. “So I thought on a scale of one to ten, it was a five.”

More specifically, he added, “It probably would have done better if it had come out in the midst of all the superhero stuff, because we were sort of a little bit ahead of the curve, and some of the special effects weren’t quite up to the standards that they are right now, so it was what it was.”

As for what Spawn might be in the future, McFarlane offered that he has been talking to Jamie Foxx about the part, but he has hoping that the Oscar-winning actor would be more, ahem, discreet about their discussions. “Jamie was out at my office,” McFarlane confirmed. “I thought we were going to keep it on the Q.T. I’ve talked to some pretty high-profile actors.”

But the reason why Foxx talked at the top of his lungs about it? “I think he’s just putting the pressure on me to get the script done,” McFarlane said. “So I sold him on my pitch. I go, ‘Here, I’ve got an idea that could keep you in the Spawn movies for 20 years, but it can’t be about physicality. It has to be more about a little bit of acting and then this specter, this sentinel, that moves around in an otherwise hard drama movie.'”

That’s fine, but that script McFarlane’s been talking about has been years and years away from completion as it’s turned out. So what’s going to happen with Spawn in the short-term? Your guess is as good as theirs.

More news as it develops.

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