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ABOVE: Hyundai kicked off New York Comic Con by unveiling the Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine. It was selected from 82,500 vehicles that were created with The Walking Dead Chop Shop app that let fans create the vehicle they thought would be best to drive during the zombie apocalypse. [NerdApproved]


Doctor Who headband will turn you into an instant TARD…IS. [TheMarySue]


Family outfitted in awesome Labyrinth costume ensemble. If this family shows up at your local costume contest, it’d be a piece of cake for them to win. Power of the babe and what not. [LaughingSquid]


Transformers Grimlock hoodie. Grimlock no dum dum, he keep you warm. [80’sTees]


Dark Horse revealed their latest Game of Thrones inaction figures at NYCC. In all fairness, there should be at least one topless woman action in every assortment. [ToplessRobot]


Mondo announced a new series of prints for Marvel comic book characters, and first up is their very impressive take on the Silver Surfer from artist Kilian Eng. [Collider]


If you haven’t already started your workout to get those Ricardo Montalban pecs, it ain’t happening before Halloween. So why worry about it, just buy this sweet t-shirt instead. [FashionablyGeek]

Similarities are drawn between the characters of Game of Thrones and gaming consoles and the spot on! [Kotaku]


With NYCC happening this weekend it’s time to remind yourself of the kinds of folks you’re going to stuck waaaay too close to. [GAS]

Homemade Remake of the Scene in Terminator 2? Where T-1000 Kills John Connor’s Foster Parents [Homemade Remake]


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