red brick road

The Wizard of Oz, so long a property in the Hollywood world, has for some reason recently become a go-to for networks and movie companies everywhere.  No less than five different projects are underway, each focusing on some “unique” aspect of the Land of Oz.  Now, it seems as if Lifetime is taking a shot at it as well with their upcoming Red Brick Road.

Being billed (like every serious drama these days) as a cross between the source material and Game of Thrones, Red Brick Road will follow the tale of Dorothy as she follows the other road, the one that is not yellow.  Hence the name.  But the red road does not lead to happy places, instead taking her on a much darker adventure.

As tired as I am of hearing anything compared to Game of Fucking Thrones just because it’s “edgy”, I may actually check this one out.  My only reserve is, of course, the fact that it’s on Lifetime, which is a far cry from the freedom of expression that a network like HBO or Showtime imparts.  I guess we’ll see.

Anyone else give a flying monkey-turd about this one?  Or just sick of Oz in general?


Thanks to The Mary Sue for the heads-up.

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