TALOS still shot

Well, it looks like the military has finally gone super hero on us.  Taking a cue from Iron Man, they’re putting together a little something to make soldiers extra kick-ass in the field.  The project, called TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) will combine a number of technological innovations that are, in their own way, a precursor to a proper Iron Man suit.  Check out the specs on the new suit below.

Here’s the basic lowdown on what TALOS will bring to the table:

  • A powered exoskeleton to provide super-soldier strength (mostly for carrying more shit)
  • Liquid armor that can turn into a solid for bullet-stopping power
  • Computers, sensors and night-vision to enhance sensory capabilities in the field as well as keeping track of soldiers’ wounds and foam-sealing them

For a more visual representation of the project, check this out:


And here’s a little video as well:

Sounds more like some sort of advanced S.H.I.E.L.D. suit to me.  I mean, Iron Man can fly and shoot missiles and shit.  Still, pretty damn cool.

So far they still need to get a pile of top-notch tech developers together to do this thing, but the plan is to have the Mark I version up and ready to go sometime next year.  That’s assuming they can even get the damn government up and running by then, of course.


Thanks to Wired for the heads-up.

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