‘Jurassic World’ Gets a New Lead


There have been a few casting rumors surrounding the next Jurassic Park sequel, Jurassic World. Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill are among those said to be taking the lead in the upcoming Colin Trevorrow dino-flick, but they remain unconfirmed. However, we do know who’s going to be playing the part of the defenseless child that inevitably finds a way to put the adults in a precarious position with the Jurassic monsters.

We are now hearing that Iron Man 3 star, Ty Simpkins, is joining the cast as the adorable little kid that the horrifying dinosaurs will be trying to make into a chew toy. As far as 12-year-old actors go, he’s got an impressive résumé and surely isn’t a stranger to blockbuster horror films (do we consider Jurassic Park horror?), having starred in both Insidious movies.

I’m not sure what this kid can really add to the movie, and I think dinosaurs should be scary enough without having to worry about a kid getting you into an even rougher spot, but that’s just how these movies go. Am I the only one still crossing my fingers for a confirmation on Jeff Goldblum being cast, just so we can here him say “must go faster!” one more time?


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