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ABOVE: Mara Thalia as Iron Man & Wonder Woman with the help of body paint. Proving once again that you came for the comics, but stayed for the pr0n. [CBM]


DeviantArtist Santiago-Perez decided to photoshop this squirrel into superhero costumes. Why? Very rarely do woodland creatures strike such bad-ass poses. This Squirrel did not want to be painted like one of your French girls, he wanted something worthy of his nutty heroics. [FashionablyGeek]

Predator carved out of a tree. I’d put this out on Halloween in front of a bowl of candy and put a motion sensor in it. Every time a kid walks by, it would say “want some candy, mother fucker”. [ObivousWinner]


Game of Thrones pumkin. Someone needs to carve a Joffrey one, so that I can slap the hell out of it.  [TVOM]


Whoa, Skeletor has really let himself go… and he’s texting? I bet he’s tweeting “He-Man is such a boob lol”. Or, maybe he’s sexting Evil Lynn: “wanna get boned?”. [ToplessRobot]

choked1 620x895magnify

Have you ever wanted to be a part of Star Wars? Etsy seller FeatherStonePortrait will use his Alias Art series to put you into the movie through a painting. Just give him a picture and a great idea to get started. Be choked out by Vader, ride a Bantha, frozen in carbonite… now is your chance to be immortalized. [Technabob]


From the floor at New York Comic Con 2013 . Nick Furry!

What if a Pokemon’s cry was their name? Now I get why they changed it in the cartoons. [Dorkly]

Pokemon Dubstep by Lindsey Stirling. I don’t like Pokemon (stopped liking them after they started looking like they were drawn by Micheal J Fox) but this is fucking awesome. [TheMarySue]

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