This weekend was a great one for Walking Dead fans. Not only was there the Season 4 premiere (Reviewed for you right over here.), but at New York Comic Con there was a panel held featuring Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, Greg Nicotero, along with an assortment of the cast, at which some very important casting news was announced. 

Michael Cudlitz (Southland, Band of Brothers) and Josh McDermitt will be joining The Walking Dead as Abraham and Eugene, respectively; rounding out the trio of newcomers we knew were on their way since the announcement Christian Serratos was playing Rosita.

This is old news, though, if you watched the live stream of the NYCC panel. Were you watching said live steam you were undoubtedly confused when the first question of the Q&A portion had a rowdy audience member calling showrunner Gimple a motherfucker, repeatedly. Only to have it turn out to be Cudlitz in what is easily the most fun anyone’s had with a casting announcement. And if that prank was only a tease of what Cudlitz is bringing to Abraham, absolutely no one will be disappointed.

In equally pleasing news, Nicotero confirmed McDermitt will indeed be, “fully mulleted” for his role as Eugene. Aw yiss.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm EST on AMC. When will Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene make their first appearance? Sooner than later, I hope!

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