We all know that Ant-Man is part of Marvel’s ‘Phase 3’ of super hero flicks, but so far, aside form a few pre-scheduled release dates, not much is known about any of the upcoming films.  Now, it looks like Ant-Man is at least getting a little bit closer as the studio is down to just two actors to play the famous, shrinking super-hero.

And the winners are…

joseph gordon levitt

Number 1 – Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Yup, it seems as if the former Dark Knight Rises star may be switching sides and heading over to Marvel.  Considering that Ant-Man, if successful, will likely spawn multiple sequels, this could be a good chance for JGL to make a buttload of cash as well as cementing his name in the minds of geeks (and movie producers) everywhere.

paul rudd

Number 2 – Paul Rudd

Known for a long list of smaller bits and bigger, mostly comedy-oriented bits, Rudd seems to me to be the underdog in this one.  For some reason, I’m having flashbacks of Ryan Reynolds as The Green Lantern

There’s always a chance that a third, dark-horse contender will come up if these two can’t make the grade, but for now they’re the top choices.  Keeps your eyes on the Internetz (and Nerd Bastards in particular) to learn the result of this casting contest.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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