Arriving on the heels of DC’s abysmal Batman Live show and the infamous Broadway spectacle, Spider-Man: Turn Off  The Dark, Marvel has decided to take another crack at combining comic book superheroes with live theater. Marvel Universe Live will be a touring arena show–here’s the official press release:

Today at New York Comic-Con, Juliette Feld, executive vice president and producer with Feld Entertainment, unveiled the first sneak peek of next year’s groundbreaking arena spectacular: Marvel Universe LIVE!, produced by Feld Entertainment. During Marvel’s signature “Cup O’ Joe” panel, Marvel’s chief creative officer Joe Quesada introduced Ms. Feld for a surprise presentation about this highly anticipated Marvel live action arena event. Ms. Feld premiered the show’s first teaser trailer, providing a tantalizing taste of the cavalcade of Super Heroes to be featured and insight into the original story, and then revealed the official Marvel Universe LIVE! logo. In conjunction with the Comic-Con appearance, Feld Entertainment also introduced the creative team tasked with developing this monumental live entertainment Marvel experience.

And here’s the teaser trailer mentioned above:

As well as the production teaser:

What do you think, fellow Nerds? Will Marvel conquer the theater the way they’ve excelled in comics, film and (most recently) television?

In any case, they seem to really be enthusiastic about succeeding in this medium, despite past failures of endeavors similar to this production–good luck, Marvel…

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