Superman-75-Animated-ShortFans of comic books and the superhero genre in general have to give credit where credit is due… and that is to big blue. He was the guy that kicked off this crazy little cape and tights thing way back in 1938 after all. I am sure you are already aware that Superman turns a spry 75 years old this year and DC Comics has been doing a lot to celebrate the Man of Steel’s diamond anniversary, including a new animated short that debuted over the weekend at New York Comic-Con. Covering the Last Son of Krypton’s full 75 year history (even the parts we’d want to forget like the mullet/earring combo and the extremely lame Red and Blue days,) in this amazingly well done 2 minutes of animation. Check it out after the jump.

A labor of love between Man of Steel director Zack Snyder and the granddaddy of the DCAU Bruce Timm, the animated short does a great job of showcasing the evolution of the character through the years. It does, however, take a few viewings to spot all of the Easter eggs, so if you don’t feel like playing along at home DC has all 75 (oooh, I see what they did there) listed over on the company’s blog.

Normally I hate asking lame questions at the end of a post, but what was your favorite part? I love the gentle mixing of John Williams classic theme with Hans Zimmer‘s Man of Steel score. It is a very nice touch that almost makes me accept this new Superman theme…



via DC Comics

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