Bronies Not Welcome at Fan’s Workplace


An anonymous man in his late thirties known online as “FiredBrony” claims he has been summarily dismissed from his job due to his enthusiasm for the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. The MLP fan, who is a husband and father, told his story on Reddit yesterday:

 So I’ve been a fan of MLP  for a while and I think of myself as a fairly big fan, but I’m not one  of those people who walk around with a shirt of Rainbow Dash 24/7. This  is a culmination of a few things over the pas few months so let’s get on  with it. I’m a guy in his late 30s who works(or worked) a regular  boring 9-5 Job. On my work computer I had decided to set a picture of  Applejack as my desktop background, I figured it was no big deal, nobody  would see it anyway and it was certainly no different than the other  guys in my office using pics of their favorite sports teams or their  cheerleading squads. Anyway a few weeks after having no issues with it I  got called in by my boss who essentially tells me it’s weird and it  makes people uncomfortable that I have a “tv show for little girls as a  background” (how did he know about it?) but I acknowledge this, keep my  head down and change it back to the standard default background.

A few months later, it’s take your child to work day. I bring my son  in (he’s more of a sports guy than me) and it’s a good day. He talks  with a couple of my co-workers (he’s 10) about random sports stuff. My  boss’s daughter is 9 and she comes in wearing a Rainbow Dash shirt. As  we were doing introductions, I told her I liked her shirt , something  innocent the same way people go “those are some cool shoes” to a kid,  nothing weird at all. After the day is done, my boss brings me into his  office and confronts me about it, telling me again he thinks it’s weird  and to cut it out at work. I try to tell him it’s no different than  people pulling my son aside and talking about sports with him and stuff.  But I oblige and for the next few months, didn’t bring it up at all  feeling now like my boss has it out for me.

Which brings us to this past week. On Wednesday, some of my  co-workers were talking about it and Brony culture. I tried to talk with  them about it and I subsequently got mocked. It was a few guys against  me which I thought was weird as I don’t make fun of the stuff they like,  but all the sudden it’s cool to make fun of a tv show I like? Then on  Thursday somebody (or somebodies?) had told some more people in the  office about it and people started making little jabs in the hallway  about liking shows for girls and stuff, I did nothing to bring this s***  on, but they were letting me have it. Then yesterday my boss called me  into his office, told me people were uncomfortable working with me (I do  nothing but sit in my little hell-cube and do work all day, I hardly  interact with anybody) and that they were going to have to let me go.  WTF? Can they even fire me for that? I write this after contacting HR  because I think that’s bulls***. I did nothing at all and I get fired  for talking about MLP.

Anyway, it’s not all bad. The job was s***, I have some other  opportunities already coming up that pay better, have better hours and  better benefits. So thanks. And  a F*** you Mr. Carter, you’re the worst  boss I’ve ever had in my years of working.

tl;dr: I brought up MLP 3 times over the course of a year and got  fired for it, but I’ll probably get a better job now thanks to it.

Sorry it’s so negative, but it’s kind of f***ed up.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some My Little Pony to watch and I  don’t give no f***s about anybody who has a problem with it.

I have never seen My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I have nothing for or against the show, though I admit I’ve occasionally found fans who think it’s oh so “special” that they’re grown men who enjoy a show designed for prepubescent girls mildly annoying…..

You’re not special or interesting just because you’re a 35 year old man who enjoys cartoons made for little girls.

That being said, assuming this gentleman’s assessment of the incident is accurate, I do believe he has been wronged and did not deserve to lose his job just because his co-workers thought he was weird.

Sweet zombie Jesus! That’s the LAST precedent we as Nerds need set! How long before Trekkies and Star Wars fans and Whovians are being terminated because their employers find their enthusiasms strange?

Complimenting the little girl on her shirt was a bad move–you just can’t say things like that to children you do not know well, not in this day and age. We as a society are simply too paranoid and we pounce on anything that can remotely be interpreted as a danger to our children.

That’s the only part of this I believe he deserves any kind of reprimand for. I do not believe this individual is any kind of danger to children or anyone else–but he should have known better.

I’m very interested to know how the Nerd Bastards community at large feels about this issue:

Comment away!

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