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Good God amusement park people!  Is there anything you won’t co-opt and turn into a themed area for your lands of rides and overpriced food items?  First we got Harry Potter, then James Cameron decided that Avatar needed to be represented in the real world and now, if the rumors are to be believed, Disney is grabbing up Lord of the Rings for their next theme-oriented project.

News sources are saying that Disney has been chatting with Warner Bros. about the possibility for nearly a year now.  Further, they’re also claiming that the deal is pretty much sealed, so Disney will be making the official announcement in no time.  Where is LotR-Land to be located?  Why, far, far away from me in fkn Florida, of course – right next to where they plan to build Star Wars-Land in Orlando.

So now those of you that aren’t an entire country away from Florida will be able to see Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings all in the same general area.  I hate you all.

Still, it’s not officially official yet, so there’s always a chance that they’ll hit some sort of bump-and-snag and the entire thing will collapse.  What do the Nerd Readers think?  Would you shell out your money to Disney to take a journey on “Sam and Frodo’s Wild Mordor Adventure Ride?”


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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