Tired of waiting for Game Of Thrones to return? Low on your fart joke/jazz hands quota for the week? Well then book of the rest of the day because we’ve got exactly what you need. Bad Lip Reading has taken footage from the midget-dragon-incest laced HBO fantasy drama about midgets and dragons and incest, given it their lipdub treatment to create the Meatballs-esque wacky hijinks comedy we never knew we wanted. Called Medieval Land Fun-Time World, it features Eddie Stark as a theme park manager that has a week to get the park in order before opening and of course hi-jinks ensue. This will be the best thing you see on the internet all day. Seriously, I almost want this to be real. Okay, it IS real since you can watch the five and half minute ‘trailer’ (plus poster, plus outtake/gag reel), but I mean really real. For reals, I would be in line right now just to see Prince Joffrey’s poo face and Tyrion sing those dwarf blues. Oh ya, and if you haven’t caught up on GoT yet, this might contain spoilers… and kitten meat.

iPhones for babies is a damn good idea, btw….


And here are the outtakes:

via Bad Lip Reading

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