Who is the one actor you couldn’t imagine Episode VII happening without? Mark Hamill? Harrison Ford? Carrie Fisher? Nope! There’s already been three movies without ’em, and even though you may have a low opinion of those films, they were successful. That trio isn’t what’s needed to make a Star Wars movie. What’s needed is one gold-plated, prim and proper protocol droid: Anthony Daniels

He’s the only actor to have appeared in all SIX Star Wars movies, and I don’t even want to consider a seventh without him. Quite the opposite of Kenny Baker or Jeremy Bulloch and Jeremy Wingreen (the duo responsible for the original Boba Fett, body and voice), Anthony Daniels has always been embraced for his role as C-3PO. He’s appeared as the character countless times, most recently on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and is ever present at almost any Star Wars event, like Star Wars Weekends or Star Wars Celebration.

In fact, this past weekend Daniels was featured in a spotlight panel at NYCC. After making promises he wasn’t going to slip up and reveal if knew anything about Episode VII, for fear of Abrams’ wrath, Film Buff Online reports Daniels said,

“Yes, I am the only actor to be in all seven because I feel … ” Daniels started, but then swiftly backtracked with, “Six! Whatever.”

Oops. Daniels was also keen to remind everyone, “Walls have ears. And we know what they look like. They’re very big ears,” a reference, of course, to the new boss, Disney.

Honestly, speculating about this is a moot point. I’ll call it right here, right now. Threepio WILL be in Episode VII and it’ll be Daniels providing the voice. I won’t place any bets on Daniels climbing into that gold casing, though. Some other, younger actor will probably take on that burden. But a Star Wars movie without Threepio? That’s impossible!

Source: Film Buff Online via Cinema Blend

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