Tron: Legacy wasn’t as good of a film as it could have been; weak on story telling and what not. Criticisms aside, it was still a fun movie with stunning visuals, exhilarating thrills and a pulse pounding soundtrack. The world and general idea of Tron is something most fans want to see more of (more Olivia Wilde in a skin tight light suit, come on son!). A third Tron film has been in talks for a while. We know Disney and director Joseph Kosinski are plotting away with the possibility. At the pace they’re going, however, it seems it’ll be another 28 years before another film will actually happen. Giving a more solid update comes Once Upon a Time creator and Legacy writer, Adam Horowitz who says (via Forbes) plans for the third film are indeed still moving forward:

Hopefully we’ll have some news about what’s going on forward with the next one soon. There’s nothing official to announce now but hopefully soon, but it’s chugging along. It is. Eddie [Kitsis] and I are co-producers on the film. And we have a script that’s being written by a great writer named Jesse Wigutow. And we’re really, really excited. I mean the studio is hopefully excited, but Joe [Kosinski, the director] is involved and everybody’s involved and everybody is waiting to get the go-ahead and we’re hopeful.

In regards to some of the criticism Tron: Legacy received, Horowitz said, “If we’re lucky enough to continue on with the franchise, we only want to keep making it better.”

Tron Legacy made more money ($400 million globally) than J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek (257 million), and nobody questioned whether that movie deserved a sequel. Why Disney is still hemming and hawing over a third Tron makes me scratch my head. I hope they get around to another installment soon. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to dress like Tron by sticking electrical tape to my pants and playing Frisbee.

The plot for Tron 3 would supposedly pick up the narrative threads left dangling in Legacy, and possibly feature a new villain in the form of programming “genius” Edward Dillinger (Cillian Murphy).

Source: Forbes

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