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With Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man hitting the big screen in 2015 as part of Marvel’s ‘Phase 3’, it’s probably about time they get to working on it.  And with the many decisions on how to put it together comes the need for some casting.  Being that The Wasp is a major part of the Ant-Man storyline, it only seems logical that she would be making some sort of appearance and now it looks like there may be an actress already lined up to take on that role.

So who shall jump into The Wasp’s costume?  If the rumormill is to be believed, Rashida Jones (Parks and Rec, The Office) is at the top of the list of contenders.  Unfortunately, it also seems as if there will be no actual Wasp in the movie and that Jones, if cast, would only be showing up as Janet Van Dyne, the alter-ego version of the super heroine.

Add this rumor to the one about the casting of the titular Ant-Man and it looks like we’ve got all the makings of a movie going on here.  Let’s hope they hurry it along so we get even more info.

In the meanwhile, just sit on your hands and wait for July 31st, 2015 to draw closer so we can see the flick in its entirety.


Thanks to JoBlo for the heads-up.

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