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Robert Kirkman‘s company Skybound, Hyundai, Future US, and Initiative got together to detail the ten year history of The Walking Dead in this video that can easily be summed up as Robert Kirkman’s Video-Love-Letter to Walking Dead fans everywhere.

The only part of this video that I’m a little disappointed in is the lack of Tony Moore. It’s a sad fact that many partnerships or collaborative teams break up and The Walking Dead creative team of Kirkman and Moore certainly had problems. This is not a shot at Charlie Adlard, his art is amazing and his talents helped take The Walking Dead to another level, but I would have liked to see Tony truly acknowledged in this video.

Kirkman and others discuss Adlard’s incredible ability to crank out the pages at an almost inhuman rate. This is the hidden secret that allowed The Walking Dead to get on a real schedule, before Adlard, the book had consistent issues regarding publishing on a monthly basis without an additional two to three-week, sometimes an extra month, delay between issues.

Stay to the end, there’s a little Marvel style blurb at the end that you’ll enjoy.

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